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Here’s a small taste of what you’ll discover by reading the Consistent Golf Secrets Book:

  • The #1 reason why YOU struggle with inconsistency and how to instantly FIX it!

  • The FASTEST way to improve your game without having to watch hundreds of YouTube Videos, reading countless golf articles, or practicing thousands of hours!

  • How to make your mind bulletproof so you can play your best golf during high pressure points

  • How to end the sleepless nights that have you worrying about which golfer is going to show up the next day a thing of the past!

  • Effortlessly gain more confidence so you're not crashing and burning in front of colleagues, playing partners, or key business relationships.

  • How to eliminate fat/thin shots and shanks so you can strike your irons pure every time!

  • A SECRET, never-before-seen blueprint on how to become your own golf coach!

  • How to play "pain free" golf, even if it's been years since the last time you played "pain free"

  • A little known SECRET that is "The Reason For Success" that all #1 world ranked golfers share and how you can use it to beat your buddies!

  • Step by step techniques for hitting explosive shots and predictable ball flights! Gaining 20 yards in distance should be expected!

Sandra Gal

LPGA Tour Player

I usually don't promote many things and programs or any of the sort but I really believe in this one and I know for sure this is going to help your game.

Savannah Vilaubi


"I was looking forward to more birdies today but due to the event being cancelled to rain, I am happy with my first Top 5 finish on the Symetra Tour. This top 5 finish represents a personal and professional victory where my mental game finally allowed my physical game to shine. My visualization was clear, my commitment was unwavering, and I was convinced of every shot’s success before I pulled the trigger. Huge thanks to my coaches Bo Watson and Shannon Shuskey for getting me to this point!"

Savannah Vilaubi

LPGA Tour Player

Sam Booth

Previously a 15 Handicap Golfer

Had my best round last Friday, once again helped by my triggers and routine coming down the stretch! In my goal to get to scratch I didn't think I'd be breaking 70 only 6 weeks into my challenge.


Expert Contributors

I hand-picked world-class experts who are at the top of their game. They’re the top Golf Experts from around the world, and most importantly, they’re teaching from experience, not from theory.

Despite their busy schedules, each of these experts jumped on board for this book and promised to teach their best stuff — because they don’t want you to go through the same mistakes and setbacks they made… and they know that the right strategy or insight, properly applied, can provide more consistency and lower scores!

All I can say is, you’re in for a good treat... 

below Is A Sample Of What You'll Find Inside:

Section II


Michael Hebron

President - Michael Hebron School For Golf, Top 50 Golf Digest

Does Consistency Exist? It Depends...

Sean Foley

Owner - Sean Foley Performance, #8 Top 50 Golf Digest & Former Coach To Tiger Woods

We're All Doing It Wrong; Some Are Doing It Better

Section III

Adam Young

Author Of The Practice Manual, Owner Of Adam Young Golf

How To Shortcut Your Path To Consistency

Chris Ryan

Founder of Chris Ryan Golf 356K subscribers on YouTube

How To Avoid The Common Mistakes That Beginner Golfers Make

Nick Clearwater

VP Of Instruction For GolfTec, Top 50 Golf Digest

The Undeniable Data That You Can Harness For Great Ballstriking

John Dochety

MORAD Expert Instructor, TPI Certified

How To Become Your Own Coach

Dr. Kwon

Professor of Kinesiology & Director Biomechanics Laboratory Texas Woman's University, Assisted Chris Como, Tiger Woods & Bryson 

How To Use The Ground To Bomb Your Drives

Adam Bazelgette

Founder Of Scratch Golf Academy, 372k YouTube Subscribers

How To Fix The Common Swing Faults

Brad Skupaka

Director Of Teaching Quality At GolfTec, Authorized Instructor Of Stack & Tilt

Why Getting Custom Fit Is Like Taking Steroids For Your Golf Game!

Michael Napolean

Co-Founder - SuperSpeed Golf

How You Can Add Up To 25 Yards in 6 Weeks Using This System!

Section IV

James Sieckmann

Author Of Your Short Game Solution, Top 50 Golf Digest

The Fundamentals Of Great Wedge Play

David Orr

World Renowned Putting Coach, Top 50 Golf Digest

Mastering The Art Of Great Putting

Section V

Chris Mansson

Top Instructors In The UK, Social Media Influencer, 742k YouTube Subscribers

Why Fitness Is A Critical Element To Optimal Performance

Dr. Quinto Pauletti

Owner, Agape Institute of Functional Health & Chiropractic

How To Play Golf Pain FREE

Section VI

Scott Fawcett

Owner Of DECADE Golf, Co-Founder Of BirdieFire, Strategy Coach to numerous Tour Players

What Smart Golf Really Means...

Shannon Shuskey

Speed Skating Coach To 142 National Champions,  6 World Champions, And 2 Olympic Medalists

The Secret To Achieving Consistency Fast...

How Would You Like To Learn From  15 World-Class Experts Who Will Teach You How To Gain Consistency Fast?

This book will show you the latest proven technical, tactical, mental and fitness secrets that the top coaches teach to their players. For a limited time, you can get access to this exclusive content at a significant discount.

What Are Others Saying?

"I Used To Play In The 80's All My Life, But Recently I Was Stuck Shooting Scores In The Upper 90's. I Was Ready To Quit The Game...But Now I Have Broken 80 Several Times!" 

- Dennis Guffey, Senior Golfer

"I Didn't Want To Spend The Money...But To Drop 6 Strokes In 2 Months And Shoot The Lowest Round Of My Life Which Was A 75! That Means Something To Me." 

- Ken Weatherford, Senior Golfer

"I Was Amazed At How Quickly The Results And The Benefits Were Especially When You Compare To What Normally Takes Years For Most Golfers To Improve." 

- Steve Lister, R&A Member St. Andrews Golf Club

As You Can See...

Our Book Has Already Helped Countless Golfers Around The World...

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Works Whether You’re A Beginner, an Amateur Golfer, Who Wants More Consistency In Their Game!

This is NOT one of those books where the speakers hold back on information so they can pitch their products or service at the end – far from it! They’re digging deep to give you their best stuff with strategies you can implement no matter if you’re brand-new to the game, or you’ve been playing golf successfully for years but need to know what to do NOW to get to the Next Level in your game!

World-Class Quality Content

This is not your ordinary golf book. We take pride in delivering you the absolute best content so that you will play the game with more fun and reach the next level in your game!

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Bonus #1: How To Become Your 

Own Coach 

"How To Self-Diagnose And Correct The Root Problem(s) 

In Your Swing"

After you read The Consistent Golf Secrets Book, the first question most golfers have is: “How do I apply these concepts to my swing?!” The answer is to become "your own coach."

Our proven Classification Model will help you identify potential issues or proper techniques fast in your swing. No more guessing what your issues will now know exactly what needs adjusting and what doesn't, so you can sleep peacefully at night.

This model works incredibly well for beginner golfers and is great for unlocking potential plateaus in the swing for advanced golfers.

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Bonus #2: Five Client-Gaining Consistency Case Studies

"See Real World Examples Of Consistent Golf Secrets In Action..."

You might look at us and think to yourself, "Of course your system works for you, you're the experts!"

But what excites us the most about our system isn't the results we're getting, but the results our clients are getting. Our clients are dropping an average of 6.7 strokes within 90 days.

So we decided to interview five of our top clients and have them dissect exactly what they're doing to achieve extraordinary results in their games using The Consistent Golf Secrets... and include those interviews with our book for free.  

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The final special bonus I have for you today is a FREE 7-day trial to our Private School Of Lifetime Low Rounds Members Area!

The Private Members Area is our full-blown Golf Urgent Care featuring World Class Coaches/Special Guests from the Consistent Golf Secrets Book where they will coach you through every part of the game. They will show you exactly how to hit every shot and the top practice exercises you can do to improve.

Have you ever wished while listening to a podcast that you could ask a question live to the Expert that was being interviewed? This is what you've been waiting for...Every month you will have the opportunity to attend a special live interactive training with one of our Coaches/Guest(s) and ask your questions live. In addition, you will also be able to submit your swing for a swing analysis done by one of our PGA certified Instructors every single month!

As a result, the Private Members Academy is one of the top golf coaching resources on the entire internet all to help you slash strokes from your score…

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Get This For FREE When You Order Your Copy Of Our Consistent Golf Secrets Book Today! 

How Would You Like To Learn From  15 World-Class Experts Who Will Teach You How To Gain Consistency Fast?

This book will show you the latest proven technical, tactical, mental and fitness secrets that the top coaches teach to their players. For a limited time, you can get access to this exclusive content at a significant discount.

Golf Strategies revealed by the

Top Golf Experts in the world


Bo Watson

Hi, I’m Bo Watson.

Founder Of Watson School Of Golf and School Of Lifetime Low Rounds, and Host Of Road2TheTour Golf Summit.

I have trained under some of the best golf instructors in the game that include David Orr, John Dochety, Mark Sweeney, Andy Plummer, and numerous others.

My mission is to show you what is REALLY working to build a consistent golf game wherever you’re starting. No guesswork, no out-of-date advice, no complicated strategies that takes a PhD in statistics to understand..

Just the real scoop, straight from world-class experts who are doing this every day. And Consistent Golf Secrets is a great step forward, no matter where you are in your golf game right now — even if you have zero playing experience. Trust me, We’ve all been there!

If you are ready to put in the work, I’m here to show you the fastest path to consistent golf. This is a book I wished someone had given to me when I was a junior golfer...

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Our goal with this book and the bonuses is for you to read it, love it, & that this will be the start of a good relationship for years to come. 

Our mentor taught us early on that the best way to prove to someone that you can help them ... 

... is to actually help them. 

So this is our way of helping you … to prove to you that we can help you. 

I'm literally giving you this entire book and our 3 bonuses, for $4.95, as a means of "putting my best foot forward" and demonstrating real value.

But, with all that said, there is ONE thing to keep in mind:

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Bo Watson

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